Social Work

Mahi Hapori

Practical intervention to identify needs, goals and network with relevant services as appropriate. Our social worker is mobile, utilizes a bicultural approach to her work and loves to engage with our community across the Kaipara region.
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OCS has a fully qualified social worker available to support you and your family/Whanau to create a safe supportive home environment. Our social worker can meet with you in your home or suitable place of your choosing to discuss and assess your situation. Sometimes we need some professional support and advice to plan changes and set future goals. Our

Our social worker is able to engage with other services on your behalf to advocate or engage a wrap around approach to your needs.

How to access support

To request support services or to speak to someone regarding our services, please click one of the boxes below and we will respond.

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Our Team

Our Team consists of both professionals and volunteer workers commited to providing a caring community service ready and relevant to support members in the Kaipara District.

Karen Cave

Social Work

Karen is a qualified social worker with a lot of experience working with families within communities and those engaged with government services. She can support families to navigate their way through difficult situations and offer supporting services both within OCS or refer you to a suitable agency able to support you on your journey.

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The vision of Otamatea Community Services Incorporated is to empower families to create a safe nurturing environment.